Getting paid to visit gorgeous homes is a dream assignment; certain spaces and furnishings have a notorious mood-enhancing effect on me. In Paris, I interviewed a very cool- and very French– couple who bought an old home full of crazy charm, as they described it. In San Juan, I found a colonial house with edgy furnishings and a rooftop farm, as well as a Modernist house that was built as a tribute to a grandfather. In Buenos Aires, I met an American film producer and her Hungarian husband at their painstakingly restored early 20th-Century home. During one of my stays in Punta del Este, I wrote about a home that was especially built so the owner could view the ocean from far away. More recently, I’ve written about a gorgeously renovated Art Nouveau house in Barcelona, an 1850s farmhouse turned summer cottage on Long Island, a retro loft in Downtown Brooklyn and a romantic 16th-Century house in France


I was once a staffer at The Wall Street Journal.  Going undercover as a “Cranky Consumer” was quite fun; here’s what happened when we hired five image consultants.  There was a lot of sweat involved in the making of this other undercover piece. I also managed to pull off a few stories about business. Back then I published my first travel piece, which was very exciting. Once I became a freelancer, I contributed to their Speakeasy blog, including this interview with the very cool Juliette Lewis. In what seems like another lifetime, as a general assignment reporter for Newsday, I wrote about a woman who got fired for displaying a John Kerry sticker in her car. This article was actually talked about in the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I’m proud. Around that time- the 2004 presidential election- I also worked on several articles about the youth vote, like this one.