Writing about my travels is almost as much fun as traveling. I’m sort of an authority on Uruguay. I have proof. I’ve written about the rugged eastern coast of Rocha. I’ve written about the food scene in Punta del Este, South America’s most glamorous beach town, as well as its burgeoning arts scene. And of course I’ve written about the ultra trendy coastal village of Jose Ignacio. I didn’t leave out Colonia, a lovely historic town on the Western coast, nor Montevideo, Uruguay’s laid-back capital (which is not all that laid-back anymore, since the arrival of young entrepreneurs) One of my favorite stories from that tiny corner of the world is about a group of creative winemakers trying to find their place on the international wine map.

I also visit Argentina often. What to do if you have only 36 hours to spend in Buenos Aires? Here’s a cool itinerary. If you love ice cream, you might be interested in my report about the city’s unique gelato flavors. And don’t miss out on its white-hot restaurant scene. Some time ago, I had the odd pleasure of writing about vegetarian cuisine in the land of beef. And when an Argentine friend told me about Jujuy, a northern land of multicolored mountains and ingrained superstitions, I headed there immediately.

A travel writer would not be happy exploring just one corner of the world, would she? Here’s a NYT report about one of the best food cities in the word, Lima.  And check out my recommendations on where to eat, stay, and shop in Puerto Rico. Also, an action-packed weekend escape. During my many visits to this Caribbean island, I loved seeing San Juan’s gritty neighborhood of Santurce transform into a cool arts district.

A piece I wrote about Santiago, Chile, was chosen as the opener to the New York Times Places to Go feature in 2011. I also published a quick, handy guide for visitors to the Chilean capital.

In Spain, the company of good friends and the best ham in the world led to an unforgettable road trip. Rioja is the country’s most prestigious wine region; it also has amazing food and longstanding artisan traditions. While there, I had a memorable lunch at Venta Moncalvillo.  And check out my guide to a fantastic summer in Madrid. In Poland, I roamed the streets of Praga, Warsaw’s answer to Brooklyn, and I explored the capital’s exciting new restaurant scene.  Speaking of restaurants, during a recent trip to Paris I discovered Le Servan, a fantastic new spot

It’s always such a treat to write about New York, my home for the last decade. A couple of years ago I wrote about food trends in the city that loves them. More recently, I picked the best places to eat and drink for business travelers.